Freedom from fears

I realized that fears of being not good enough in my writing is hindering from posting stuff when I have so much things on my mind to write. 

I was thanking SP How on my Instagram when he replied this:

“Amen. No fear. Freedom.”

That one sentence got me thinking. What does it mean by freedom from fears? It’s not just about positive thinking or not thinking negative thoughts, but having the faith in God so much so that the fears would leave me.

Freedom is such a powerful word. It’s liberating. It’s refreshing. It’s akin to having no more bondages or weight holding you back when you can soar as high as your wings can take you. The wings that are provided by Jesus alone. 

Now I’m gonna clip off all the fears from my wings and just soar. 


Have you ever..?

Have you ever seen that old man who is limping in pain. Not from injury but from old age?

Have you ever seen that old woman who is dragging her legs, one at a time because it just hurts too much to walk?
Have you ever seen the old man who collects the cups at the pantry of fitness first, whose back is so hunched it looks like it hurts with every single movement?

Too often I don’t have the guts to go up to them to talk to them. I convince myself that I have appointments to go for that I can’t stop to help them with their groceries. I don’t have the time to stop.

But as the shadow of their back lingers in my mind, I pray a quick prayer for them. For their salvation, for the pain to be eased, for them to have a family to go back to. For them to know Jesus. 

Yes the cowardly me does not have the guts to actually help, and only holding on to the knowledge that Jesus heard me. 

Pray for the youths


This was last Saturday 6th Jun 2015 when the 12 year old Singaporean girl from TKPS was found. 

On Sunday 7th Jun 2015, 7 more bodies were found, with still 2 more missing. And the first thing that comes to mind is whether they know Jesus. The fragility of life, the fact that these beautiful lives that were brought to a halt, have they had the chance to know Jesus? Are they with Him now?

The fatigue in my body, the Monday blues, the emotions that are going through me are probably nothing compared to the pain that the families that are going through right now. Instead of pointing the fingers to find someone to blame, why not let’s take this moment to pray for the families to be able to get through this period. Especially for two remaining Singaporeans who are still missing. 


Fig Tree’s fruitfulness

I am sitting on the bus after a long day at work, but thinking about the Part 2 of the sermon on Fig Tree preached by SP How last Saturday, and marveling at how the bible verses can be unraveled in such details. 

Jesus cursed the fig tree that was full of leaves upon finding that there’s no fruits on it, and it withered away after. This weekend, I finally realized that Jesus isn’t such a petty person who would curse something away because He was throwing a tantrum — something that I wondered about as a new Christian, but only understood why at this moment. A fig tree full of leaves are expected to have fruits as it doesn’t need leaves not flowers like a normal plant in order to bear fruit. A fruitless fig tree is useless. 

Amazed that verses like brings so much revelation. Desiring to have this kind of revelations as well. But all I know it, I am going to the right church where I can grow in this. Thankful for HOGC really. 🙂

Anyhow, goal now is to be a fruitful fig tree. To have a fruitful and powerful prayer and worship life. And I think I can do it. :))

Reviving the days of the Blog

Just yesterday I was sitting at my desk at work, and a thought came to mind, “Why not blog again?” and loads of ideas just popped into my mind, but little did I expect to get a confirmation to start blogging once more later that night!

I must say, when God gives you an idea, He will firmed it up with confirmation. haha. And that’s why I am back.

There might be loads of pictures from my instagram, pictures that I dont post on instagram for fear of spamming, and I might come up with gifs from S Club 7, but please don’t judge me. They are like the Beatles of the 80s kids. HAHA.

Running off to church for an exciting weekend! *excited*